PRICE:$ 14,000.00, Call for special pricing        
Cost to replace new $52,000.00

ID. SE-52
Year: 1998
Trailer: 16’ Wells Cargo


System is capable of 3,000 g.p.m.

4-2 ½” inlets

Two shelfs in front for storage.

Trailer has 6′ height inside, 7′ wide, one p/s door, two swing out rear doors,

weighs approx. 2000 lbs empty. Trailer color is White

Trailer has 4 lights inside, spare tire in tongue area, heavy 3/8” plywood inner walls


Pelican control case, 2-U.L. Approved test gauges, FRC flowmeter. 4- 3” x 50′ double jacket, series 800 hose, 2-10’ and

1-20’ 6’’ suction hoses, 100’ of 1.75’’ hose, gate controller equipment, hydrant adapter, tank fill tower and cooler, calibrator

Pipe, alum discharge pipe, large nylon pad, battery and conditioner, setup, operating instructions, 2-vic gaskets and

2-clamps, reinforcement cross bars, control, readout wiring, conn., test cart, hydrant wrench, spanners, test hoses,

Shelves, 2- low level strainers, 1/4 turn drain assembly, piping, tank dollies, tank ramp, 3000 gallon portable tank

Set of spanner wrenches, accessories, wiring schematic.