ITEM # PE-1534 2003 Spartan Crimson

List Price:  SOLD

Condition: Excellent, some paint flaking
Pumper ID:
Year: 2003
Miles: 111,167
Hours: 10613
Pump Hours: 1176
Chassis: Spartan Gladiator Seats 5
Air Pack Seats: 4
GVW: 45,500
Front Axle: 21,500
Rear Axle: 24,000
Tires: 425/65R22.5 F, 12R22.5R New
Body: Crimson Stainless Steel
Engine: Detroit Series 60, lower end rebuilt
Trans. Allison MD4060
Pump: Hale 2000 G.P.M., Pump Rebuilt
Discharges Left: 2-2 1/2″
Discharges Right: 1-2 1/2″, 1-5″
Discharges Rear: 2-2 1/2″
Cross lays: 2-1 3/4″
Trash Line: 1-1 3/4″ Front
LDH Discharge: Right Side
Pre- Pipe Deck Gun:    Akron
Aux. Suction: 1-2 1/2″
Foam System:   Elkhart
Foam Tanks:  30 Gallon
Tank: 750 Gallon
Tank Material:   Poly
Ground Ladders: 28′, 16′, Hydraulic Ladder Rack
Generator: Harrison 7.5
Quartz Lights: 2-Each Side, 2- Telescoping
Warning Lights: Federal Viewpoint
Siren: Q2B
Color: White/Red
Height: 9′ 11″
Length: 33′ 7″

Features:   2- Bottle Cascade, 1-air reel left, 2-Hydraulic reels left rear, hydraulic pump, 2- Electric cord reels top, Sigtronics,Headset, adjustable & slide out shelves, new rear springs, pump plumbing Stainless Steel

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