Item # SR-101, 1992 SR-101 E-One Squad

List Price $28,000.00 Reduced

Model Year: 1992
Chassis: E-One Seats 6
Hours: 2049
Engine: Cummins L10
Transmission: Allison Automatic
Body: E-One
Length: 37′
Height: 10′ 3″
Front Axle: 14,600
Rear Axle: 23,800
GVW: 38,400
Wheel Base:
Miles: 35,405
Winch: Front
Chain Boxes: Front
Generator: Onan PTO
110V Outlets: Yes
Walk-In: Yes
Seating in Rear Walk-In: 6
Quartz Lights:  2- Each Side
Tri pods:   N/A
Scene Lights:   Yes
Cord Reels: 1- Each Side
Roll Out Trays: Yes
Adjustable Shelves: Yes
Cascade System: 4-Bottle High Pressure
SCBA Storage:    Yes
Warning Lights: All Led
Siren: Q2B, PA 300
Color: White/Red
Rear A/C:  Yes
Rear Heat: Yes
Features:   5-SCBA Seats, All LED lighting, air reel left rear compartment

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