Item # SE-SCBA AP50 4.5 2002, Scott AP50 4.5 2002


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Mask –
AV-2000 or AV-3000® Mask
Frame –
Black AP50 Frame
Harness –
Black AP50 Padded Straps
Regulator –
Black E-Z Flo ® Regulator
Low Air Indicator –
Heads Up Display w/ Quick Disconnect Hose
Integrated PASS –
Pak-Alert SE PASS Device
Rapid Intervention –
RIC / UAC Connection
Dual EBSS –
EBSS w/Low Pressure Hose & QD Regulator
Air Cylinder –
Choice of 30, 45 or 60 Min. Refurbished Carbon Fiber Cylinder
General Description:
The SCOTT® AP50 2.2 / 4.5® is built around a low profile, one-piece backframe. The AP50 features an ergonomic fit and includes standard padding, as well as wrap around hip wings for added comfort, and a Kevlar® harness with lumbar support system. The AV-3000 facepiece has a sleek, low-profile design that provides enhanced downward and peripheral vision to improve safety and performance. The AV-3000 also features large, dual voicemitters for improved communication. The AP50 also features a redundant first stage pressure reducer system, a strap style over-center retention band permitting easy cylinder changes and parachute-style harness fasteners to facilitate donning and doffing. The AP50 accommodates 2216 and 4500 psi 30, 45 or 60 minute duration SCBA cylinders.  Refurbished by SCBA Sales Co.

There are many options available for our SCBA including: Quick Charge Adapters, Voice Amplifiers, QD Regulators, Carrying Cases, Wall & Truck Mounting Brackets, Mask Sacks and many others.

To customize any of our SCBA, contact or call 1-877-346-3990 to talk with one of our sales professionals.  All SCBA and Cylinder are sold with a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

SCBA includes FREE Quantitative Posichek 3 Flows Test for as long as you own the SCBA.