1995 A-166 Ford E350 AEV

Asking $15,500.00
Condition: Excellent

Product ID: A-166
Year: 1995
Miles: 113,665
Hours: 2891
Chassis: Ford E350
Walk-Thru: Yes
Engine: IH 7.3L Transmission Automatic
Body: American Emergency Vehicles
Type: III
Stretcher Make: N/A
Stretcher Load Assist: N/A
O2 Bottle Location: Left Front
Back Board Location: Right Rear
CPR Seat: Yes
Warning Lights: Whelen
Siren: Whelen
Load Manager: Yes
GVW: 11,500
Front Axle: 4,600
Rear Axle: 7,810
Tire Size: LT225/75R16
Color: White

Features: New batteries, new inspections

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