1993 SR-104 IH Emergency Veh Walk-In

Price: $30,000.00
Condition: Excellent

Squads ID: SR-104
Year:     1993
Miles: 20,178
Hours: 2418
Chassis: International 4900 2-Door
Body: Emergency Vehicles
Engine: IH DTA 466, 230 H.P.
Transmission: Allison MT 643
Length: 32′ 4″
Height: 11′ 10″
Front Axle: 13,220
Rear Axle: 23,000
GVW: 23,000
Wheelbase: 218″
Winch: Ramsey 12,000 lb.
Chain Boxes: 2-Front
Generator: Onan 2500, Hrs. 1008
110V Outlets: 8-125v 20amp
Walk-In: Yes
Seating in Rear Walk-In: 3
Quartz Lights: 6
Tri pods: 2
Scene Lights:   6
Cord Reels: Electric 1-Left, 1-Right
Cord Reels Hydraulic: 2-Left
Roll Out Trays: Yes
Adjustable Shelves: Yes
Cascade System: Air One 4-Bottle High Pressure
SCBA Storage:    Yes
Warning Lights: Code 3
Siren: Q2B, SVP
Color: White/Red
Features: Air compressor, 1-Air reel left, 1-Right, Hurst power pack and reels, air bags, Roof mounted 24′, 16′ ground ladders

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